Era of Famine

from by Skyless Aeons

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In the era of famine we forever rest
The earth crackles with our every step
Decadence is gone and we wait for rain to conquer
Pain of hunger piercing through our chest

Hope hath vanished, we face the scorching winds
Through strife and calamity mother nature culls her kin

Self-destructive failure, lead us to our doom
Gods turn to peasants when plants cannot bloom
Watch as our culture crumbles to dust
The earth overpowers our greed and our lust
We are no match for the earth

We're caskets of values and troubled decisions
Vines rise through the concrete to reclaim the living
What once gave us life spells our sickest demise
The light at the end is the sun's scorching eyes
Slain by the light

Cries unheard
Prayers unanswered
Behold the cancer--the era of famine

Crowns dethroned
Gods beseeched

Death surrounds us all...
Death, death...death surrounds us all

Forsaken by god we beseech you
Behold what famine hath brought
This lonely planet will teach you
In time what becomes of your sickening thought

Behold the era of famine death surrounds us all
Salvation hath passed these long forgotten shores
We perish through starvation--forsaken to the azure skies
Malicious hand of god brings death from beyond the stars
We crawl in desperation--disparity reaps the sound of hungry cries

Salvation hath passed these long forgotten shores
Hope vanished--washed away by pestilent tides

Drought persists
The neverending winter
Where death surrounds us all
We bury our children under dessicated ground


from The Era of Famine EP, released January 5, 2016
Music N. Luck & Skyless Aeons
Lyrics N. Ferreira & N. Luck



all rights reserved


Skyless Aeons London, Ontario

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