The Era of Famine EP

by Skyless Aeons

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released January 5, 2016

Nathan Ferreira - Vocals
Nicholas Luck - Guitars/Vocals
Stefan Oliva - Bass
Martin Burchill - Drums

All Music and Lyrics written by Skyless Aeons
Recorded and Engineered by Preston L
Artwork The Heirs of Desire by Alex Copeland



all rights reserved


Skyless Aeons London, Ontario

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Track Name: Contrived Into Form
Worship the light and abide by the storm
Unaware of the blight you aspire to norms corrupt with scorn
As they morph us too tight we divide and conform
The gods laud their creation contrived into form

Struggles turn to twitches, screams turn to groans
Pain turns to riches, it's not what we own work to the bone
Sew the soul's wound with stitches and reap what is sown
With unrelenting conviction beyond what is known
The gods laud aberrations contrived into form
We are aberrations contrived into form


Our cowardice leaves us to wither in torment
When nothing is sacred
If intentions are pure
then what do we fight for

Extensions of systems corrupt,
twisting and constricting us
Through tricks of the tongue and spiritual fiction
we are addicted
we are constricted
Suicide is no violation of our duty to god
to working a plan
It's not ours, it's not theirs
not anyone's to share
but movements guided by the shadow hand

Salvation assumes you are worthless
Salvation assumes you are shit
In a world of opposites magnetic poles reverse
It's all an illusion,
God's not in the church
It lurks in the darkness packed in the earth

Salvation assumes you are worthless
but something makes us pure

I, made of stars, rectify the dark though
the holy and the good lay forever (ever) apart
Time discloses being nothing more

Cope in disarray
Witness as the winds of change endure until your grave
Track Name: Indoctrination (Breaking The Dawn)
We are indoctrinated

Humanity's locked in a suicide doctrine enforced by the gods--we are flawed
Insanity fosters in fools as they're abused--everything to lose.
Profanity's used to escape--they insist we take a certain shape
So we mutilate our senses, hide us from the truth

Truth! it was forced in our minds from the day we were born
Dominant paradigms leave us all uninformed

Convinced that the masses are sheep in our space--vitriolic chase
Minds numbed, bodies torn--dismayed at our state
Feasting on the other, objectify our fate,
We're wolves left with nothing to feast on

Hate! it was forced in our minds from the day we were born--leaving us all uninformed

Like a dream long forgotten by incomplete senses
Our purpose is slaughtered by means of convention
With life stripped away we resort to reflection
The tool that we use in our fiendish regression
The righteous is spoken in thoughts incomplete
Destined for cycles on endless repeat

Wealth is the virus and we are the host
Wealth is the virus and we are the host
Wealth is the virus and we are the host
Wealth is the virus and we are the host

[Solo N. Luck]

Be energetic in torment and hatred will spawn
We search for our meaning when breaking the dawn
breaking the dawn

[Solo N. Luck]

Abstraction was born in a need for religion
Absolute doctrine--the suicide vision
But language is false and this shows their deceit
Even when words are spoken they feel incomplete
Track Name: Mind Torn Asunder
Charismatic but too detached
Breathe it in and never let it hold you back
the air flows around you flows within you
Neverending movement from beyond
Now the pain is gone
Cue depression's spawn
Images and voices from beyond

Polluted to the core
Experience twisted by my brain
Seeing nothing more
Than figments of a subject gone insane

Nihilistic doubt
Fueled as muses and hallucinations shout

Now delusions are the source of my dismay
They drag me down each day
Corrupted by my only escape

Cue depression's spawn
Masochistic voices from beyond

The product of a schizophrenic mind
confused and abused by its own sense of time
Can't even breathe
all that I use to make experience betrays me
Masochistic voices from beyond

Cue depression's spawn
Masochstic voices from beyond

[Solo N. Luck]

Aegis from above never seems to help
Metaphysical prison trapped in myself
Grasping for a heaven I can never reach
When the vortex opens the nephilim speaks

[Solo N. Luck]
Track Name: Era of Famine
In the era of famine we forever rest
The earth crackles with our every step
Decadence is gone and we wait for rain to conquer
Pain of hunger piercing through our chest

Hope hath vanished, we face the scorching winds
Through strife and calamity mother nature culls her kin

Self-destructive failure, lead us to our doom
Gods turn to peasants when plants cannot bloom
Watch as our culture crumbles to dust
The earth overpowers our greed and our lust
We are no match for the earth

We're caskets of values and troubled decisions
Vines rise through the concrete to reclaim the living
What once gave us life spells our sickest demise
The light at the end is the sun's scorching eyes
Slain by the light

Cries unheard
Prayers unanswered
Behold the cancer--the era of famine

Crowns dethroned
Gods beseeched

Death surrounds us all...
Death, death...death surrounds us all

Forsaken by god we beseech you
Behold what famine hath brought
This lonely planet will teach you
In time what becomes of your sickening thought

Behold the era of famine death surrounds us all
Salvation hath passed these long forgotten shores
We perish through starvation--forsaken to the azure skies
Malicious hand of god brings death from beyond the stars
We crawl in desperation--disparity reaps the sound of hungry cries

Salvation hath passed these long forgotten shores
Hope vanished--washed away by pestilent tides

Drought persists
The neverending winter
Where death surrounds us all
We bury our children under dessicated ground